About Us

Hi my name is Machlie Buie. I’m a wife, mother of three beautiful girls, and founder of Sweet Ary Soaps.  The inspiration behind making breast milk soap came after the birth of my third child. My third pregnancy was by far the most difficult ever! My two previous vaginal deliveries were incredibly smooth but my third (Arya) was delivered via emergency C-section. Did I mention she was 30 weeks and 5 days early. She was ready to come out into the world and make her debut. Arya was in the NICU for five weeks, the longest five weeks of my life.

Being that my baby was in the NICU I was determined that she was eating well and that she had the best of the best; breast is best right? I was pumping literally every three hours and sometimes less than three hours, making sure that I was producing milk for her. Call me the human cow because I’m still producing; I produced so much I was besides myself. I produced so much milk my freezer is over capacity. 

Once Ayra was discharged and home with us she was exclusively breastfeeding and still is. All the milk I was pumping and freezing for her wasn't being used. With that in mind, I’ve thought of different ways to utilize the milk. I thought of selling it and donating it but due to a national pandemic, an unprecedented circumstance everything was at a standstill. Later the idea of making soaps and body butter arose, but I wasn’t taking it seriously. That wasn’t until a good friend of mine strongly encouraged it. I started experimenting with mixtures and made a few batches and surprisingly my soaps came out pretty well; not to toot my own horn but I definitely perfected my craft. It’s been so much fun and can not wait to share my products with everyone. Might I say the creating process has been a joy for my family and I and we hope you all enjoy our products!